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Cardamom baked oranges – translated

Some of my foreign friends wanted to test my recipe for cardamom baked oranges, so I have translated the recipe.

I have been experimenting with a dessert with spicy oranges for a while, and I have tested different ways to make it and present it. This version is served with a sour cream sauce, honey roasted nuts (store bought) and rum-drenched raisins.

I always put raisins in rum early in November. They are useful for a lot of things, I put them in the Norwegian “gløgg”, a sort of mulled wine, I put them in my christmas fruit cake and in chocolate truffles. And now in these succulent baked oranges. This recipe makes four servings.

Cardamom baked oranges

Four oranges

4 ts light syrup or honey

1/2 ts ground cardamom

1 ts vanilla extract

2 ts powdered sugar

50 g raisins

1 dl rum

50 g sweet nuts, I used a store bought honey roasted nut mix

Heat the oven to 120 degrees celcius. Cut all the peel of the oranges, including all the white stuff. Cut them in thin slices. Put them in a oven proof dish, either one large one or individual ones. If you pile them like I did on the picture, put a non-flavoured toothpick through it to keep it together. You can also layer them in various ways.

Mix powdered sugar and cardamom powder, and dust it over the oranges. If you pile them, dust between the layers. Pour rum raisins and vanilla extract in the dish, and cover it with foil.

Bake the dish for 30 minutes. Serve with chopped sweet nuts and a sour cream sauce.

Sour cream sauce

3/4 cup sour cream og creme fraiche

1 ts vanilla extract

Peel from one and juice from a half orange

A few drops of lemon juice

Dusted sugar to taste

Wash and dry the orange thoroughly. Grate the peel of with a microplane or similar, make sure that no white peel comes off. Mix sour cream, vanilla extract, orange peel and juice well. Add lemon juice and powdered sugar to taste. Serve with the baked oranges.

This sauce goes perfectly to any pound cake or similar, if you want to serve it for dessert. I also use it for other fruits, like baked plums, peaches or apples.



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