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Eg ler meg skvett ihel…

Eg har tydelegvis lesarar utanlands og, einkvan har brukt google sitt omsetjingsverktøy for å omsette innlegget mitt om 17- mai-oppskrifter til engelsk.

Etter å ha stava meg igjennom dette sat eg att i krampelatter/-gråt. Dette vart overmåte festleg. Eg har klipt litt i verket. Enjoy.

Some do well at it to get any such mail or backpack may be a little cake-like police. It may well happen, but most that were there were giant Norwegian, and for once we got off skuld cakes delivered so that we could organize the sale in a good way. It is a first time for everything, also there to deliver the cake to 17. mai, May, and then it may be wise to have a bookmarks to relate to, and not least, may be motivated by. We got to the instance to get posar hard step full of young knortar of some bollar that had not improved and that was useljelege.

All good

Can you make cinnamon balls and ordinary bollar, so they also quite large, so that they are worth 10 million. Shipping like muffins and bowl on a tray or in a basket, so that they are not pressed together. Can you make cinnamon bollar without pearl sugar, you can send with the sugar glaze on the glass with a screw lid, so we can add the glaze on. Otherwise, the bollane fort very sticky during transport.

It is also very good if you bakar with cake mix. Make sure you buy the cake mix package that is to langpanne. Toro langpanne chocolate cake (puh!) is mjølkefri. Floating butter is ideal both for the pattern you get here and to the cake mix, it is easy to use. I recommend floating Bremykt (yellow bottle), it gives extra good flavor.

Check with kakenål or knitting needle on the cake is done. Sit back on the stir stick must be a bit of cake. Do not kakenål you can use a spagetti stick, it goes just as well!

If you create a cake that egnar for allergic, so check the special, so that we know about it, and can offer these cakes to those who ask about it. It is terrific if someone td creates a cake without milk, without nuts (chocolate) or without egg.

It is important that we all are pure when we bakar cakes for sale, actually be the bakast on “government kitchen”, and it is probably none of us at home … I think we will not have the cake with whipped cream, and wash hands and equipment frequently while you held on to bake.

I write about zestjern a couple of places in the pattern, it is a tool that you use to happen strips of the scale of citrus fruit without having to get it with white. It has a metal piece with small round Ingar or loops in which you want to go over the scale. Do you have it not, then use the fine side of your grater instead. It goes just as well. Do you have such a zestjern, and have wondered what you would use it, so can you for once skuld get “air” it!

The decorative and can vary, especially the muffins, it is popular with strøssel, non-stop, seigmenn or other fun.You can also color coconut with lots of pastry and spread the color over, it is reasonable and simple solution that looks good. It is only to try them out, good luck!

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Kvinne, bur i Oslo og har feriehus i Billingsfors, lever med mat, musikk, dufter og ein hage, gjer mitt beste for å nyte livet.


  1. Some do well at it to get any such mail or backpack may be a little cake-like police.

    Her tror jeg man må til kilden for å finne meningen 😆

  2. Men det er ikkje alltid det hjelper heller… “…but most that were there were giant Norwegian…” ???
    Vi kan vel konkludere med at min personlege skrivestil ikkje egnar seg for Google Translate… 😆

  3. Hahaha! Kjempebra! Jeg har skjønt at det er en del ytenlandske som bruker oversetter på bloggen min når jeg skriver om ME, så jeg har begynt å skrive det på litt mindre slang-aktig måte og heller holde meg til mer sivilisert norsk. Har blitt noen ganske uforståelige omsetjingar der også, gitt, men denne her tror jeg tar kaka! 😉

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