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It’s always been you

sometimes it`s hard to see the change from where you stand
you wake up in a pool of your own selfpity
you try hard to lose whatever dignity she`s left you with
but maybe it`s time to realise that you`re stained but not weak,
calm but not sleak, she`s out of your league
it`s always been you

speak out your name and try to hold a thought for one damn minute
you told me yourself you`d all appreciate a man of thought
cause this is hightrade out, but you would ever have me do for something new
cause in your own stream of thought betray is all you can, desperate man…
it`s always been you

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Kvinne, bur i Oslo og har feriehus i Billingsfors, lever med mat, musikk, dufter og ein hage, gjer mitt beste for å nyte livet.


  1. Jorid says

    Det albumet er å sitje i baksetet på ein bil, sliten etter ein lang skuledag, ein solfylt haustdag der lauva på trea og naturen i seg sjølv er i alle sine haustnyansar.

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